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elastic bands, test, laboratory, deformation, tensile, strength, sport, science, sci-sport

Mechanical characteristics of Sci-Sport elastic bands during laboratory tensile tests

by A. Manolova & P. Debraux | 8 March 2018

In order to scientifically determine the resistance of Sci-Sport elastic bands against stretching, we subjected them to tensile strength tests in laboratory.

training, sport, soccer, player, strength, sprint, science, performance

Maximal squat strength, sprint performance and jump height in soccer players

by A. Manolova | 2 March 2018

During a soccer game, about 96% of the sprints are less than 30m, and 50% of them are less than 10m. Is there a link between maximal strength of the lower limbs and sprint performance ?

luge, sport, ice, speed, performance, training, physical, conditioning, strength, velocity, exercises, winter, olympic, sled

Luge start: Link with anthropometric factors and upper body strength

by P. Debraux | 23 February 2018

Ice and speed sport, the luge implies a significant participation of the upper body at the start of the event. But what are the parameters related to the starting performance ?

BMX, bicycle cross, race, games, olympic, sport, training, sprint, performance

Start in BMX: What are the factors of performance ?

by A. Manolova | 21 February 2018

During a BMX race, the performance on the first straight line is decisive on the riders final rank. Therefore, it seems important to identify the mechanical variables related to the sprint start.

handball, player, bench press, throwing, ball, velocity, relation, science, sport, performance, high-level

Relationship between throwing velocity and bench press in handball players

by P. Debraux | 10 February 2018

Handball trhowing is a complex motor task that involves many factors. The authors of this article have attempted to determine if some of the performance parameters were correlated with resistance training.

ice hockey, skate blade, ice, blades, performance, friction, resistance, speed, sliding, science, sport

Friction in Ice Hockey: Comparison of different models of skate blades

by A. Manolova | 9 February 2018

In ice hockey, equipment plays an important role in performance. Nevertheless, the contact of the skate blades with the ice generates friction forces which contribute to reducing the speed of movement...

volleyball, sport, performance, competition, periodization, resistance training, female, elite, force, power, strength, conditioning, linear

Influence of resistance training during a season in volleyball players

by P. Debraux | 27 January 2018

This article discusses the benefits of linear periodization on vertical jump performance and body composition over a season in elite women volleyball players.

cycling,frontal area, aerodynamic, drag, speed, force, resistance, optimization, sport, performance

Field method for assessing the cycling frontal area

by P. Debraux | 25 January 2018

In cycling, the aerodynamic resistance depends mainly on the drag coefficient and the projected frontal area...

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