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Influence of ankle mobility and segment ratios in the back squat

par A. Manolova | 16 January 2018

In back squat, an excessive and repeated forward trunk lean can increase the risk of injury to the lower back. But what are the factors that influence this leaning ?

force-velocity profile, velocity, jump, horizontal, vertical, squat, training, sport, performance

Force-Velocity Profile : Escape gravity to be faster

par P. Debraux | 9 January 2018

For lower limb extension velocity training, exercises with low loads or vertical jumps are generally recommended. And if other variants were better suited...

Biomechanics, sport, exercise, bench press, shirt, powerlifting, performance, bar, trajectory, kinematics, path

Effects of the bench shirt on bar path

par P. Debraux | 13 January 2018

In addition to limiting injuries and improving bench press performance, does the bench shirt change the trajectory of the bar ?

powerlifting, bench press, shirt, muscle, strength, performance, speed, science, sport

Effect of bench shirts on bench press performance

par P. Debraux | 11 January 2018

In powerlifting, what kind of help can athletes expects from the bench shirts during the bench press ? Does every model bring the same benefits ? And finally, how does it work ?

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