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crunch, swiss ball, sport, fitness, training, workout, abs, muscle, electromyography, prevention, strength

Crunch on Swiss Ball with elastic band: Alternative to the machine variant

by A. Manolova | 5 Avril 2020

Strengthening the abdominal muscles is generally advised to prevent or reduce lower back pain. Will an exercise on Swiss Ball allow you to exercise the abs as much as the "machine" variant?

squat, knees, toes, position, advance, tips, movement, fitness, sport, exercise, resistance, training, back, lower, pain, stress, ligament

Knee position in squat: Kinematics of the trunk and lower extremities

by P. Debraux | 5 Avril 2020

The squat is a popular exercise in fitness and strength and conditioning. However, the proper execution of the movement, and the positioning of the knees remains subject to discussion. Is that true that knees must not going farther than the toes?

elastic bands, bone mineral density, exercise, health, physical activity, sedentary osteoporosis, women, menopause

Training with elastic bands increases bone mineral density

by P. Debraux | 24 Avril 2020

In women, the loss of bone mineral density increases with age and menopause. However, regular physical activity helps strengthen the bones. Can training with elastic bands fight the age effects?

HIIT, running, performance, sport, intensity, VO2MAX, 3000m, lactate, interval, training, health, conditioning

Effects of different HIIT protocols on running performance

by A. Manolova | 22 February 2019

HIIT training improves cardiovascular endurance performance, but what is the difference between multiple protocols on performance gains for moderate-level runners ?

HIIT, Interval Training, high intensity, cycling, explosive, training, sport, science, performance, method

H.I.I.T. and Explosive training : Improvement of performance in cycling

by P. Debraux | 5 February 2019

The benefits of interval training and those of an explosive training on muscular performance are well known. But what can cyclists expect from a combination of these two types of training ?

MMA, fight, boxing, competition, match, sport, effort, lactate, resistance, training, workout, borg scale, science

M.M.A. : Training adaptation to competition with Borg scale

by A. Manolova | 25 Janvier 2019

The Borg scale allows a valid and subjective assessment by the athlete of the intensity of the perceived effort. This method could be useful for the strength and conditioning of fighting sports.

snowboard, training, performance, test, conditioning, resistance

Performance and physical characteristics of high-level snowboarders

by P. Debraux | 3 July 2018

The best way to enhance the training of high level athletes is to determine the physical characteristics linked to performance. Setting up adapted tests could be very useful.

elastic bands, resistance, training, variable, band, elastic, latex, fitness, mini-band, squat, performance, strength, power, speed, force, explosivity

Use of elastic bands in squat and performance benefits

by P. Debraux | 26 June 2018

The ability to generate high level of force as quickly as possible is a critical factor in many sports. To work this physical quality, there are different methodologies including variable resistance training with elastic bands...

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