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Effects of different H.I.I.T. protocols on the specific performance in tennis

by A. Manolova | 26 April 2018

Tennis involves high intensity intermittent efforts over long periods of play. For these particular demands, the H.I.I.T. seems appropriate. But what is the best protocol for improving performance ?

muscle, cross-sectional area, skinfold, caliper, science, sport, training, fitness, hypertrophy, gain, assessment

Follow up your progress using a technique to measure the muscle cross-sectional area

by P. Debraux | 24 April 2018

To measure the muscle cross-sectional area, medical imaging is an expensive solution. There are reliable field techniques that require little material to evaluate the changes induced by training.

football, american, US, anthropometric, performance, sport, sprint, strength, velocity, mobility

Links between physical characteristics and specific performances in American Football

by P. Debraux | 19 April 2018

Performance in 40-yard sprint and 20-yard shuttle test are essential parameters in American Football. It remains to be determined what physical and anthropometric variables are related to these field performances.

resistance training, physical activity, osteoporosis, women, postmenauposal, skeleton, body, change, age, elderly, stress, bone mineral density

Maintaining bone mineral density in postmenopausal women through resistance training

by P. Debraux | 30 March 2018

Physical exercise has a favorable impact on the human skeleton. Indeed, it can maintain or increase its bone mineral density. But what is the optimal training method ?

golf, club head speed, training, conditioning, muscle, exercise, sport, performance

Relationship between muscular variables and the club head speed in golf

by A. Manolova | 24 March 2018

In golf, it is necessary to identify the muscular determinants linked to the performance to better adapt the physical training. What are the variables related to the club head speed ?

swimming, start, postactivation potentiation, squat, warm-up, free-style, sprint, strength, conditioning, science, sport, training, performance

Effect of post-activation potentiation on swimming start

by P. Debraux | 22 March 2018

Is it possible to improve the start of high-level swimmers by performing a series of heavy squats as a specific warm-up ?

senior, strength training, sport, force, performance, life, quality, mobility, detraining, intensity, sarcopenia, muscle, loss

Strength Training provides larger, more sustainable gains in seniors

by A. Manolova | 16 March 2018

It is now recognized that strength training is an effective method to fight against age-related strength and muscle loss in older adults. But what are the effects of different training intensities in the short and medium term ?

cycling, track, speed, force, power, cadence, sport, performance, science

Track Cycling: What are the performance variables on the flying 200m time trial ?

by P. Debraux | 10 March 2018

In track cycling, the flying 200m time trial is a qualifying event for the individual speed event. It is then essential to know the parameters that can affect the performance.

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