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  • hamstrings,gluteus maximus, deadlift, hex bar, hip thrust, exercises, EMG, muscles, electromyography

    Comparison of different exercises for hamstrings and gluteus maximus activation

    It is not always easy to know which exercise variant has to be preferred to better recruit a muscle group. In the case of the hamstrings and gluteus maximus, between deadlift variations and hip thrust, which exercise to choose ?

  • push-up, training, calisthenics, muscle, mass, thickness, strength, sport, body weight, bench press, impact, progressive overload, load, endurance, repetitions

    Progressive push-up training : What is the impact on muscle mass and strength ?

    Since more than 10 years, calisthenica increases in popularity, but few scientific studies have been interested to study it. What are the effects of a progressive variation in the difficulty of an exercise at body weight ?

  • guide, science, sport, velocity based training, training, fitness, resistance, performance, force, strength, power, accelerometer, push, beast, myotest, gymaware, sensor, transducter

    A guide to velocity based training for resistance training

    In recent years, sensors for measuring speed and power have appeared on the market. The craze aroused by this kind of device has become increasingly important. The purpose of this review is to provide a detailed user guide to velocity based training.

  • physical activity, children, benefits, osteoporosis, young, intense, HIIT, circuit training, small-sided game

    Physical activity in young children : the benefits

    During pre-puberty, bone accumulation will improve the peak bone mass in the third decade of life. But in children, which physical activities will best stimulate mineral bone content ?

  • hypertrophy, trapezius, sport, fitness, resistance training, shurg, barbell, science, sci-sport, electromyography, EMG

    A shrug variant to better increase the trapezius muscle activation

    Whether for shoulder rehabilitation or looking for upper trapezius hypertrophy, the standard shrug exercise may not be the most appropriate for maximizing the recruitment of these muscles.

  • bench press, resistance training, training, weight, inertia, elastic bands, force, strength, power, velocity, sport, performance, fitness

    Effects of weight and inertia on muscle properties in bench press

    Resistance training usually involves working against the weight and inertia of the mass to be moved. But what would be the effects on the force-velocity profile if weight and inertia were isolated ?

  • CrossFit, injury, benefits, risks, study, high-intensity, sport, performance

    Benefits and risks of CrossFit

    Four years after the first study analyzing the injury rate in CrossFit, a systematic review comes back on this issue analyzing the results of 13 studies. What actually shows this review? Is CrossFit so dangerous ?

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